Made it Ma, Top of the World

I’m not sure I could adequately describe the feeling of getting a positive review of your writing from a total stranger. It’s not that I think my friends and family are lying when they say they liked the book, far from it. It’s more that a book reviewer who doesn’t know you from Adam has absolutely no reason whatsoever to spare your feelings. If they think it is one-star dreck, there is nothing at all stopping them from saying so. Seriously, read Big Al’s site, when they think something sucks they aren’t shy (you should read it anyway, because it’s a cool site).

I’d like to be able to say that someday I’ll overcome my writerly insecurities and stop being surprised when somebody says they enjoyed something I wrote, but I think if I said that it’d be a lie. No matter how far the writing pursuit ends up taking me, I doubt very much it’s something of which I could ever tire.


~ by kroveechernila on May 30, 2013.

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