It’s a thousand pages, give or take a few


You can get my first book in paperback now if you want. It isn’t perfectly formatted, per se – what can I say, I’m a writer, not a publisher – so if you do get it in this format, I hope you will forgive a few margin/formatting mistakes. As self-published books go, I was quite happy with the cover, but the interior will come across as a bit amateurish. Which it is. Which I don’t really care about too much at this stage. Right now it’s about getting the story and the words into as many different and diverse formats as possible. The publisher I currently work with only does ebooks, but not everyone reads ebooks, so I figure not doing this at some point was shooting myself in the foot.

It’s thirteen bucks, which is much higher than I wanted to price it. That’s one of the many shitty things about self-published paperbacks – if you print-on-demand (that is, print exactly one book for each and every sale), the costs run higher than if you just print a bunch in bulk ahead of time, expecting the sales to come. That is probably the reason you see a lot of absurdly priced self-published work – some paperback fantasy novel priced at 24.99, or something. Higher costs, so the author prices it optimistically, presumably so even if just their family and friends buy it they’ll still make a few bucks. I don’t have the slightest interest in just being a family-and-friends writer, though, so I wanted to be sure the pricing was in the neighborhood of what you could expect from a large publisher. I kept it almost as low as I could. I think at that price, for a book that size, I make about 47 cents per Amazon copy sold. The only two reasons I didn’t just price it at cost (that is, so I’d make no money at all, price to make = price to buy) was because 12.52 is a stupid price for a book, and there’s some element of a principle of the thing. Creating free content is for internet writers, not fiction writers (however small and unknown they may be). In any case, at my stage of the writerly profession, I’m not even close to the point where I care about how much money I’m making from it. I’m still at the point where somebody tells me they read my book and my response is ZOMG THAT IS FREAKING SWEET!!!!111!!1!! So, the pricing works.

I wasn’t that crazy about the idea of self-publishing anything, to the point that I’d earlier made a pact with myself that I wouldn’t publish until some publisher/editor – no matter how small – wanted to put their name behind it, and their company name on the title page. I changed that tune for a few reasons. For one thing, I figure I’ve already cleared that bar with my ebook publisher. He doesn’t happen to publish paper copies, but it’s an identical story. For another, I am functionally a dinosaur with most things technology. I still think of paper books as ‘books,’ and, while I do read on kindle, I haven’t entirely warmed up to it. I wanted a paper copy of my work, regardless of how it was published and by whom. For another, see above. When you’re a small fry writer working with a small fry publisher, it’s an exposure game, and you don’t willingly shoot yourself in the foot. It’s worth doing -if only- for the friends and family members who have told me they’d like to read it, but don’t read on a device.

If I don’t get an agent and make the big time before I finish this sci-fi quintet, I might just publish them all this way – digital copy created through my ebook publisher, self-published paperback. I don’t know. We’ll see how it goes. I’ve slowed down some on the sequel since moving and re-starting school, but I’ve surprised myself by still being able to make steady progress. Whether it’s any good, who the hell knows. But the quantity is there at least.

The good news is, now I can take copies of my own book to used bookstores and sell them without telling them I’m the author.** Just mix them into a big stack of used paperbacks, and they’ll be none the wiser.

**I’m kidding. Maybe. No, I’m definitely not kidding. I’m going to do this.


~ by kroveechernila on April 4, 2013.

2 Responses to “It’s a thousand pages, give or take a few”

  1. Where do I go to buy a paperback??? Amazon?

    • Hey Mkat! Right here!

      You were the first one to read any of it, so I’ll be glad to hear what you think of the end finally. 😀 It’s only on the createspace store for now. Will be on Amazon in a week, at the same price.

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