Fat, dumb and stupid is no way to blog

A move/new job/new university later, and I suddenly remembered I have a blog that nobody reads. I am a lazy, lazy blogger and likely always will be, but I suppose since I keep coming back to it even after the multiple failed attempts I might as well post a semi-annual (or so) update just to keep the thing alive and kicking. 

I’ve meant to link everything writing I do here on this blog, and I missed one thing. Better late than never. The Sideways Tower is a fun little podcast about fun dorky things. I can’t say enough good about those guys. Plus the great fantasy author Dennis L. McKiernan is fairly active in the forums. Well worth a listen (to all the episodes except my interview, of course – avoid that one at all costs). 


~ by kroveechernila on April 4, 2013.

3 Responses to “Fat, dumb and stupid is no way to blog”

  1. I wouldn’t say no one reads. I just read it. 🙂

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