Excerpt from “The Silence and the Light” – Ubi Sunt

It would be a grotesque underestimation of the universe’s ability to surpass our understanding, were an observer to ascribe this meeting of two old friends to the singular province of either fate, fortune, or the conscious action of omnipotence. For as the four physical forces of nature unify under extreme conditions, under a very particular set of circumstances, so do fate, fortune and the divine conscious merge into one. A unified field theory of chance.

Given the existence of this holy trinity the inescapable truth becomes clear. On a long enough timeline, nothing is improbable. On an infinite timeline, everything is inevitable. Everything which can occur will eventually occur. Every being which can exist will exist. Space is not three or four or ten dimensional. Such things lie beyond the realm of counting and each cycle occupies its own dimension – light and dark and death and life and all things between.

 Where are the creators? Where are those who, before us, existed in the world? They are ghosts and we are their children. Ubi sunt, amen. May they return on the eastern lightning. 


~ by kroveechernila on December 10, 2012.

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